Roborally I

Having had not much time for weekend projects in a while the urge to look at new thing to do has overgrown the lack of motiviation.

Thus: next stop – Roborally

We started plaing that game again during the christmas holiday period and got slightly addicted to it again, but as we all cam together from various locations (whereever love and job drove different parts of the family), there is no way to continue a game when not at home.

So at least for the basics (ideally a working prototype), I have started to look into digital versions of the game. Sadly there is little to be found – some old programms more than 10 years old, coded in Java and other languages I consider not useful for the purpose.

First battleplan:

  1. Analysis
  2. Basic implementation (cards, internal simulation, no graphical output)
  3. full implementation (including visualization of the board)
  4. advanced implementation (including the option to control multiple robots and implement the special cards)

1 and 2 should be easy to achieve, 3 and 4 will depend on time and whether or not I am willing to get myself into JS again 😉

If I am going to implement it, a basic design will be based on:

  • a webserver running the game (php and/or python)
  • clients connecting via browser (up to 8 players)

That would allow us to play a game online, turn based, regardless of the distance.